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I'm highly selective on who can view my protected posts and will not necessarily give access to those who personally know me regardless of status, history, or seniority. Umbrella f/ Jay-Z [7/10]If I was in charge of marketing I would have picked this single as well. Urrgh, this girl need to SLOW DOWN, I’ve just got finished listening to her first album, now I have to catch up.

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The ballparks and casinos have landed downtown, too, like UFOs from a planet of bygone utopian redevelopment fantasies, all crammed into the same sports ghetto where wild drinking and structured parking overwhelms anything like normal city life a few hours a week.

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People say I’m quiet-natured, but I’m actually just a rea i do not know english so well to describe myself, so..- i am romantic- loyal- like smile..- i am serious..- art soul..- creative....- like nature and animals (but not mosquitoes..)- like good and nice people (I really hate mosquitoes! Have to write something as they require certain number of characters, hope this is enough.

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