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The "gang" leader started the conversation: "Hey man, can we have your name please?

And what about the single adults that don't like activities like the ones I've mentioned?

Does the heavy emphasis on finding an eternal companion scare/intimidate people to the point that it's more comfortable for them to be in "gimmicky" childish situations rather than things that seem more grown up?

Of all the single adults I've seen over the years, the ones that ended up in successful relationships are those that broke free of manufactured "playtime" and developed genuine shared interests with people they like; both inside and outside of the church. Is some of the problem because church culture treats single adults as almost permanent adolescents?

How can you know, and how can you help a potential date feel more comfortable?

These are some of the questions Kimberly Webb answers in an article entitled “Dating: ‘He Says,’ ‘She Says.’” To navigate relationships, it is important to pay attention to clues, such as someone making an effort to be around you, looking into your eyes when talking with you, and seeming comfortable and happy in your presence.

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