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It's filled with planes from 1920s (heavily modified by Miyazaki), technical details about them, and men (good-hearted and silly) who love these planes.

The problem is, there's only two people in her band...

(Source: In The Water)In Tokorozawa, Saitama prefecture, various events spin out of control; Urban legends, axe murderers hiding under the bed, magicial girls crashing through ceilings, an isolated island where everyone is a destined hero, and where people suddenly vanish. This is a series of short stories linked only by Hariyama-san, who appears as a minor character in each.

Tragic consequences that intertwine and link various people, and one person was involved in all of these events without fail - Hariyama-san. Volume information under More Info."Hikoutei Jidai" is a 15 page all watercolor manga, which the animated film "Porco Rosso" is based on.

Could it be that he's the only who can truly fight them off?

(Source: Midori-Mori)If he sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed!?

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She is also part of a team of members who defends the world from monsters who attack the world using this time-stop dimension: Kohakjal.

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