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In this 10-Minute Solution, you'll learn how to validate and format a phone number.While we won't deal with international (non-US) phone numbers here, you can apply these techniques to your local phone number format.The number may not, in fact, be assigned to any financial institution.

If the total was already an even multiple of ten, say 70, the checksum would simply be zero.The first four specify the routing symbol, the next four identify the institution and the last is the checksum digit.Also, the formula used to generate this checksum digit is different, as described below, although the same principle is used. First the code strips out any non-numeric characters (like dashes or spaces) and makes sure the resulting string's length is nine digits, 7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 4 Then we multiply the first digit by 3, the second by 7, the third by 1, the fourth by 3, the fifth by 7, the sixth by 1, etc., and add them all up.If you're going to be using the application in different locations, you may want to store that information with the application user's profile, similar to the way that Windows stores your favorite locations for dialing.The code first removes all the grouping and separator characters, except for the X, which marks the beginning of an extension.

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