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In 1693 Jacob Amman split with the Mennonites over the issue of shunning. As you can see, both groups got their start long after the Bible was written.Throughout this website we have provided extensive information on the Amish, their faith, lifestyle, schools, weddings, their history, and more.Many questions have been submitted to us about the Amish on a variety of topics.Weddings are on Tuesdays or Thursdays–the least busy days of the week on an Amish farm.The wedding is held at the home of the bride and the sermon and ceremony will last about four hours. There are no kisses, rings, photography, flowers or caterers. After the wedding there will be a delicious dinner of chicken, filling, mashed potatoes, gravy, ham, relishes, canned fruit, plus many kinds of cookies, cakes and pies.” Why are Amish not spoken of in the Bible?

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